A prayer of Lithuanian arborphiles    Pamela Briggs
   Oct 18, 2005 15:42 PDT 

Dear ENTS people --

Today is an important private holiday for me. It's been seven years
since I woke from a dream and wrote four pages of notes about a tree
spirit who comes visiting in human form. I've been writing about him
since then, sometimes in frenzied, inspired bursts and sometimes slowly,
after months of mental dormancy.

Right now I'm editing and polishing Book I in preparation for querying
an agent, and am almost finished with my first draft of Book II. (The
total length so far is about 210,000 words.)

To celebrate the event with you tree people, I'll share this prayer I
found in my research. (The tree spirit in my book is Slavic, not
Baltic, but Slavs and Lithuanians have some common beliefs.)

A Lithuanian prayer

[In 1938, Pranas Antalkis recorded the following prayer, recited by
Elzbieta and Marija Palubenskaite. The informants had smuggled
Lithuanian books into Lithuania during the Czarist prohibition of
Lithuanian language press in the latter half of the 19th century. The
prayers stems from those times. Jonas Trinkunas, Seniunas of the Vilnius
Romuva in Lithuania, edited the text.]

[source: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/2810/LithPrayer.html]

Aren't these beautiful vows? I did laugh at the part about giving
correct change (but I'm not poking fun).