Mercersburg Sycamore   Robert Leverett
  Jan 17, 2005 09:45 PST 


   Jani and I once briefly looked for that tree on a trip back from the
southern Appalachians. I foolishly thought the champion sycamore would
stand out from such a great distance that we'd be able to go right to
it. I think my wife was smarter than that, but she decided not to say
anything, just let me learn on my own. After spotting dozens of
sycamores and investigating, but not finding the tree, I finally asked
an old African-American gent in Mercersburg (I think that's the town's
name) where I might find the sycamore. He explained to Jani and me: "I
think they moved away". It gave us our moment of amusement - not at him,
but at my naiveté in thinking that we could march right into the area
and spot the tree. After driving on, we glanced at one another, burst
out laughing, and headed for home. Hey, after all, it was a cool 506
points and had to be visible from far? Oh well. I do seem to
remember the circumference being reported at a little over 30 feet. If
it is a single-stemmed tree it has to be WAY COOL.

Bob wrote:

While on the sycamore subject. Our Pa state champ is supposed to be a
506 point tree. I have yet to visit it. It is in Franklin county
outside of Lancaster. I may make a trip out there when I am at the ISA
conference in Feb. to check on it's vitals.