Musical Tree Fanatics    Pamela Briggs
   Jan 27, 2006 12:34 PST 

Dear Bob --

"Versus"? So competitive! Let us not stand around comparing whose is
bigger; instead, let us share the gift of music! Put down your 3-D
laser full-spectrum climbometer, my friend, and let us sing and play
together! Huzzah, etc!

The words of "Oak, Ash, and Thorn" are actually "A Tree Song" by
Kipling. Here are lyrics, chords, and information on the version we

And our professionally recorded album Four-Eyed Soul is still available
(on tape only) from me. It was a million-seller -- we have a million of
'em in the cellar. (Actually fewer than a million, and kept in a cool,
dry place.)


Robert Leverett wrote:

    Hooray! The ladies clearly lead the gents by one in the music
department. It's you and Monica versus Lee. Hope you all build on the
lead. Could we see the lyrics to the song? Would that be permissible?
Maybe we can hum our own tunes to the words.


Pamela Briggs wrote:
Dear Bob and all --

I'm a treehugger, and I sing. I recorded "Oak, Ash, and Thorn" with my
a cappella quartet back in the day. I bet there are other ENTS singers,