Woodsman of the World, Texas Merriann Lanford

Mr. Frank,

 A friend sent me a link to your site and I wanted share some of the
Woodmen of the World monuments, here in Texas. My husband & I cruise old
farm to market roads and like to stop at old cemeteries when we're out on
our motorcycles ( old cemeteries are great places to take a break at). I've
started taking the 'good ' camera so I can get better photos.
 So far, I've taken pictures in 3 or 4 counties, mainly at small community
and family cemeteries. I've included some of my favorites, including a
little quick time movie, that I hope you'll enjoy..

Merriann Lanford
Fort Worth, Texas

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Mr. Frank,

... I'd be happy to
share my 'tree' shots- I've kind of gotten into looking for them when I stop
at small cemeteries. In fact, I've got some new ones to share with you (and
anyone else you'd like), it's in the outskirts of a small town called Azle.
I've taken a number of Woodman markers but not like this one( #'s
1647-1651)- the bark is pealed back and there is an axe handle visible from
the side. The rest are interesting as well....



Merriann Lanford - cemetery gallery

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