Tree Bigness and 11th Holy Commandment
  Sep 06, 2007 06:21 PDT 

    Well, the formula mill is alive and well. The TruPulse 360 will undoubtedly lead to new practical field methods for exploring the architecture of trees and the concept of tree bigness. The latter has always interested me. How do we extend the investigation of tree bigness beyond the three standard measures of circumference, height, and average crown spread? Well, some of us look at maximum limb length, trunk volume, and girth measurements taken at additional points. We also can apply Will Blozan's TDI system, which is an ingenious percentage-based method of comparison. What about total limb length for limbs over some minimum diameter? The TruPulse 360 will provide a method for yielding the answer, at least theoretically. The 5 huge sycamores in New England and eastern New York would make excellent subjects of study. When the TruPulse is officially released and I purchase one, the long overdue project of modeling those trees will begin.

    These exotic methods of exploring the architecture of big trees and deriving more kinds of measurments are labor intensive under the best of conditions, so they would likely not be feasible for any but a small group of the very largest trees. But then what else do we retired folks have to do with ourselves? And besides, we must obey the 11th Commandment. How does it go? Oh yes,

   "Assemble all thy holy gizmos and gadgets and go ye forth into the forest primeval and measure the biggest trees until thin eyes are strained and red and thou thirsteth for cool drink, and thy feet and joints ache, and if thou spendth any more time thou will get into deepth trouble with thy beloved spouse. Only then may thou return from the deep woods and partaketh of refreshments."

     Will, Jess, Dale, Mike, Ed, Anthony, Carl, Tom, Don, Don, Howard, Holly, Gary, John, Beth, Paul, Larry, etc. dare we disobey this holy commandment from Lee, er, uh, the Almighty?

RE: Tree Bigness and 11th Holy Commandment
  Sep 06, 2007 12:06 PDT 


Awesome commandment! I havn't been in the forest lately but
fall is just around the corner and the trees will touch me again in some
of my favorite sites. Torreya, Bienville-Tallahala, Pascagoula River and
maybe some new sites! I long for the serenity of these places, it has
been a long hot summer down here. I hope to find many tall and large
trees this season. I travel to Northern Wisconsin in late October, just
south of Superior. I'm visiting a friend who has 120 Acres with lots of
big trees Firs, Oak, Maple and Spruce. Been going there for the past 5
years. I'll get lots of photos! The true-pluse would be useful on
getting volume on the Live Oaks as well Bob, maybe I can ad it to my new
gizmo list some day. 


RE: Tree Bigness and 11th Holy Commandment
  Sep 06, 2007 15:40 PDT 


Wow! Finally I commandment I can relate to! I don't think I ever break this commandment - although I don't think I have murdered anyone lately...

RE: Tree Bigness and 11th Holy Commandment
  Sep 07, 2007 19:22 PDT 

    The big challenge is to determine how the 11th commandment is to be enforced. Should lightning be involved?