The Tree Spirits speak at Ice Glen, Explored..    jarred trout
   Nov 18, 2003 05:06 PST 

brothers and sister:

still reeling from the time dilation and what our tall brethren spoke to me

light plays dark as a different shade, in the strangest of places, when you look at right...

walk amongst the wooded glen  by jarred trout

Walk amongst the wooded glen

And stop for time

Time to replace

To erase the chase

Of due dates past

Remember your forgotten child times and friends who are spirits now

Lend yourself into

harmony, alignment, and rebirth

There is space and there is time

Wash away the pollution of the day, the week, and those moments

When you are not, gifted.

Step mindfully in focused breath

Past the ancient ones who tell their tales, forsaking all weather and wind

They stand for us and they stand to say;

You are my children, each and everyone

I know not of your sins and your daily poisons

I only know the love of ages, deep in my heartwood, that I carry

For all my children that walk the wooded glen

Tell my tales in metered ways

Bring your family and friends and wash away

Those realities constructed

Of the arsenic society who writes the tragic play

Spend time with me my children

Rest your fears, listening to my whistling crowns

Take with you when you leave

New eyes to see, new hands to hold, a clearer vision, and my sprit to breathe

RE: The Tree Spirits speak at Ice Glen, Explored..   Robert Leverett
  Nov 18, 2003 09:42 PST 


Your verse is genuinely moving. You have caught the spirit of ENTS as
you begin exploring the riches of the forest.

   The world of the trees waits silently for each of us to enter it.
Some enter, but do not see. Others see, but do not feel. Entering a
superlative woodland with attuned physical senses is the first step. The
greater leap is when the physical and metaphysical merge. You have much
to contribute. We look forward to your sharing of your journey with us.

RE: The Tree Spirits speak at Ice Glen, Explored..   jarred trout
  Nov 18, 2003 11:24 PST 


it must be the way that ENTS approaches the tasks at hand. we have a great diversity in the ranks; scientist, naturalist, engineers, foresters, arborists, writers, poets, and nature loving, laypersons all chiming in....

i am addicted to the cause and am looking forward to doing my part.

the community that you have fostered here is in part, the vehicle for major change.

how should we get more into the flock and how can a layperson like me spread the message?