Western PA A-Team   Edward Frank
  Sep 11, 2007 18:11 PDT 

Some time ago Bob Leverett declared Dale Luthringer, Carl Harting,
Anthony Kelly, and myself (Ed Frank) the western Pennsylvania A-Team.
At the time I was a bit perplexed. I certainly d not feel like a crack
tree measurer compared to likes of Will and Bob and some of the others.
Maybe the others are, certainly Dale fits in that category. 

Then it occurred to me that perhaps he was referring to the 80's television
show and likening the four of us to the characters on the show. They had a
Van - I have a Van. George Peppard played Col. John "Hannibal" Smith,
leader of the crew - that would have to be Dale. He is a former marine
that still carries his military training. Hannibal was a master of
disguise. Last week while canoeing on the Allegheny River and exploring
the Islands of the Allegheny River Islands Wilderness Dale wore his camo
cloths. He was only a disembodied voice to Tony and I unless he put on
his fluorescent orange life jacket. Tony Kelly would play the role of
B. A. Baracus, made famous on the show by Mr. T. He even tried out a
few lines of "I Pity the Fool!" Definitely Tony is a Vanilla T. Carl
Harting would be Lt. Templeton 'Face' Peck, smooth talker, Lothario,
scrounger played on the show by Dirk Benedict. If you know Carl you can
see the resemblance. I would be Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock. Of
all of the people in the group, I am the one most likely to be described
as slightly off kilter. 

Besides the role was played by Dwight Schultz,
one of my favorite actors. On Star Trek: The Next Generation his guest
appearance as Lt. Reginald Barclay was one of my favorite episodes and
characters of the entire Star Trek series and led to a recurring role on
that series and on Voyager as well. So The next time of the rare
occasions we all happen to be together at the same time, we will get an
official Western PA A-Team Photo in front of the Van. I am not sure
how Anthony will feel about the Mohawk though....    

Ed Frank

RE: Western PA A-Team   Anthony Kelly
  Sep 12, 2007 08:10 PDT 


Well, OK. I will gold-plate my laser rangefinder, clinometer, D-tape,
GPS unit, and other tree-measuring accoutrements and dangle them from
gold chains around my bare chest. I will not, however, as Vanilla T be
sporting anything resembling a mohawk. (And I PITY THE FOOL who expects
me to!)

Anthony Kelly

Re: Western PA A-Team   dbhg-@comcast.net
  Sep 12, 2007 14:31 PDT 

   Don't worry. I have real Mohawk Indian friends that would willingly give Anthony his Mohawk cut. Of course, we'd have to stand close by to insure that they wouldn't get carried away and take more off than Anthony is willing to give. Anyway, let's set up Anthony's Mohawk cut. He'll look great!

RE: Western PA A-Team   Anthony Kelly
  Sep 13, 2007 10:16 PDT 


Thanks for the offer, but I think it best that I decline. I've got
nothing against mohawks (the hairdo) and certainly not against Mohawks
(the people). However, I think the hairstyle is one that I, personally,
should avoid seeing that it would entail certain risks. Sunlight
reflecting off the sides of my blindingly white Irish head could falsely
signal search and rescue aircraft or even start fires.

Anthony Kelly
RE: Western PA A-Team   dbhg-@comcast.net
  Sep 13, 2007 14:13 PDT 

   I do understand. I've resisted the immense temptation to have my own style of Mohawk haircut all these years, because I too have a sensitive scalp. In addition, all the white fellows I've seen with Mohawks look funny. How about an Algonquin cut?

RE: Western PA A-Team   Dale Luthringer
  Sep 16, 2007 07:50 PDT 

Hey, "B.A."!

Please... keep your shirt on...

And yes, you will need a Mohawk, or I'll have to put you on EMI (Extra
Military Training) for being out of uniform on our next expedition.

RE: Back to Dale   Anthony Kelly
  Sep 18, 2007 17:54 PDT 


I'm just getting back from four days away from the computer, so I never
got to tell you that I liked better your idea of an Algonquin haircut
for me. It may not be as fitting for my Mr. T/"B.A." part in the
Western PA A-team, but I don't need any additional problems being mobbed
by ladies. Just being on the Western PA A-team brings enough of that as
it is. Just ask Ed, Dale, and Carl.