who the hell is jarred trout   jarred trout
  Feb 19, 2004 13:37 PST 

as the time passes, for me until the solstice

and as the maiden of fair spring is readily approaching

i think to my self

sequestered in the fields of green

there is a meadow or two that i would share

for those of family that are cut from the cloth that is stitched in time

run with me

steal the time

I have steeled my self

To be

What I have should done

Take to Mohawk

And in the meadows plain

See the apple tree

That has past lives counted

Sullen. As she will be

She calls to me this tree of mine

and with foresight and love the Eastern Native Tree Family

Will, my ashes from a friends placing

I will be home.

Aside from the rumble of the Deerfield

And cause to cast a line

A canoe of sorts

Is as sweet as wine

I am not, nor shall I be

A lost soul, cast upon the sea

But truly saved

In metered ways

A bliss and warmed

By the path I choose

In the green

Trust as well

From society calls

In meetings of such

The confusion wall

It is not unto

The Eagles wing

That fair spirit rises

On cocoon wrapped

Spirit mothers wing

So as to you

I prose this song

Forgetting which

I take along

The pack of the world

And things to see

Whilst I am you friend

Please set me free.
RE: who the hell is jarred trout   jarred trout
  Feb 19, 2004 13:41 PST 
these and many more cosmic messages, are replied as an attempt to keep ENTS
close to those who dont have learned degrees and without such would be lost for our
calling to answer why.

loave as usual My brothers and sisters...