Trees Named in Honor of Native Americans   Robert Leverett
  Apr 05, 2004 08:25 PDT 

   We should periodically welcome our new members to the list. So here

     For all members of the list, I should also mention that we have
some prominent Native Americans among members. In particular, Ishgooda
and Sky Davis are members of our list. Ishgooda is Huron and Sky is
Cherokee. Both are activists and were close friends of my dear departed
wife Jani who was also a Native American. Through Jani, the philosophy
and roots of ENTS incorporates Native thought toward the land and its
forests and ENTS honors Native American culture and traditions in a
variety of ways. In Mohawk Trail State Forest in Massachusetts, Cook
Forest State Park in PA, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC-TN,
and elsewhere, we name trees and groves after Native Americans. This
practice has taken on a life of its own in Mohawk as a recent e-mail
identifying groves named for Native nations shows. The following list
identifies great trees currently bearing Native names, individual or
tribal, courtesy of ENTS. The list is organized by property/site. Others
will be named in the near future.

Great Smoky Mountains NP, NC-TN:

    Yonaguska Tree – hemlock (Cherokee)
     Tsali Tree – hemlock (Cherokee)
     Sequoyah Tree – hemlock (Cherokee)

Cook Forest State Park, PA:

     Jani Tree – white pine (Choctaw-Cherokee)
     Seneca Pine – white pine (Seneca)

Anders Run Natural Area, PA:

    Cornplanter Pine - white pine (Seneca)

Ice Glen, MA

     Mohican Pine – white pine (Mohican)

Mohawk Trail State Forest, MA

Trees of Peace:
       Jake Swamp Tree - White pine (Mohawk)
       Joe Norton- White pine (Mohawk)
       Tom Porter - White pine (Mohawk)
       John Brown – White pine (Narragansett)
       Arvol Lookinghorse – White pine (Lakota)
       Dave Chief – White pine (Lakota)

Algonquin Grove:
      Frank Decontie Tree – White pine (Algonquin)
      William Commanda Tree – White pine (Algonquin)
       Sandra Decontie Tree – White pine (Algonquin)

       Jani Tree – White pine (Choctaw-Cherokee)
       Charles Yow Tree – White pine (Cherokee)    
       Junaluska Pine – White pine (Cherokee)
       Attakulakula Tree – White pine (Cherokee)
   Pocumtuck Grove:
       Metacomet Tree – White pine (Wampanoag)
       Massasoit Tree – White pine (Wampanoag)
       Frank James Tree – White pine (Wampanoag)
Elders Grove:
        Saheda Tree – White pine (Mohawk)
        Tecumseh Pine – White pine (Mohawk)
        Crazy Horse Tree – White pine (Lakota)
        Sacajawea Tree – White pine (Shoshoni)
        Washaki Tree - – White pine (Shoshoni)

Shunpike Grove:
       Joseph Brant Pine – White pine (Mohawk)
       Oneida Pine – White pine (Oneida)

   We have a Memorial Grove in Mohawk Trail State Forest that honors
deceased Earth warriors. Presently we have trees dedicated to Michael
Perlman and Karl Davies. On May 15th we’ll add a couple of names
including a dedication to Randy Cyr’s father.

    We also now have an ENTS grove that is part of the larger region of
Encampment Pines. Currently trees have been dedicated to the following

       Will Blozan
        Lee Frelich
        Colby Rucker
        Dale Luthringer
        Michael Davie
        Loona Brogan (surprise, Loona)
        Lisa Bozzuto (surprise, Lisa)
        Susan Benoit (surprise, Susan)
        Howard Stoner (surprise, Howard)

Others in Mohawk Trail State Forest who have been honored include:

        Dr. Lynn Rogers: in the Trees of Peace Grove
        Chuck Bellows: in the Pocumtuck Grove
        Paul Jost: (also ENTS, but he has a tree in the Pocumtuck Grove)
        John Knuerr (N. red oak)

There are a number of other named trees in the Smokies and elsewhere
including the Boogerman Pine in Cataloochee, the Riddle Pine in the
Chattahoochee NF, GA, and so on.

Enough for now.


Robert T. Leverett
Cofounder, Eastern Native Tree Society