Frank Decontie   Robert Leverett
  Feb 24, 2006 05:30 PST 

   Just a little background about the Frank tree that you'll be
climbing. The fine tree is officially named after Frank Decontie, an
Algonquin medicine man from Maniwaki, Canada, well known Native
spiritual leader, and Native advisor to ENTS. Frank pased away in August
2001 of a heart condition. His passing was a great loss to the many.

   Frank was an extraordinary human. He had many important life missions
to help others. For many years he worked with Native people in prison
and helped them in countless ways, getting positive behavioral results
that western psychiatry only wishes it could emulate. He conducted
healing lodges for people from all walks of life. People came from
Europe and beyond to participate in Frank's lodges. I personally saw
Frank work and on many occasions and I was constantly amazed at the
results he got. I attended the fires for some of his sweat lodges. There
are many stories that I could tell and I will share some over the coming
months and at the climbing event.

   Frank traveled regularly on missions of peace with the grand old man
William Commanda, the spiritual leader of the Canadian Algonquins, the
great canoe maker, sayer of the Algonquin prophecies, and one of the
Sunbow Five peace keepers. Frank was William's primary assistant and his
spiritual protector. Without Frank, William tended to fall prey to the
influences of others who would take advantage of him - including the
Canadian government. Frank was to inherit the role of keeper of the
Algonquin Seven Fires Wampum Prophecy Belts - an eastern counterpart to
those of the Hopi. Frank was a Native advisor to ENTS and visited MTSF
several times. He was at the dedication of his tree. In 1993 he and
William Command conducted a powerful ceremony at the cave near his tree.
It was an event that changed my life and one of the main reasons that I
have put so much energy into getting Mohawk Trail State Forest

   Our comrade, Will Blozan, met Frank Decontie in Oct of 1996. Frank
participated in the first ENTS rendezvous held at Mass Audubon's
Wilflife Sanctuary at Wachusett Meadow. Dave Stahle, The Lord of the
Rings, was present. Dave presented a dynamite lecture at Wachusett
Meadow. Later we all met at my house and that is where the idea of the
ENTS website was born. It was to be Dave Stahle's personal gift to ENTS.
We sat around my kitchen table. Frank and Sandra Decontie and Jani
conducted Indian business in our den while we, the principal tree
people, sat around the table and partook of spirits - albeit not of the
kind that Frank conjured. I got a little on the happy side and a little
louder than normal. From the den, Frank became concerned. Frank said to
Jani, "Jani, is Bob having a problem. Is there something you haven't
told me?" Jani laughed, heartily. No, it was just that Bob was being
sociable. I drink so very little that the tiny bit of Jack Daniels that
Dave had brought from Arkansas that I drank went straight to my head.
Frank had never seen me touch a drop of alcohol. He was a great friend
and protector of both Jani and me.

   Frank Deconite was a great man and a noble spirit. His earthly
journey was event-filled and rewarding, though in conventional ways, he
had had a rough life. But, by the end of his earthly time, Frank's
accomplishments had become many. Yet, through successes and failures, he
never lost his humility. He could always joke about himself. He once
said to me, "I was born poor and I will die poor." In terms of what so
many humans value most, their material possessions, indeed, Frank was
poor. But in terms of spiritual possessions, he was as rich as any
person that I've ever known. It will be the greatest honor for me to be
able to honor him again. Frank and Jani formed the Native American soul
of ENTS. I believe they still do.

Frank Decontie   Edward Frank
  Feb 27, 2006 15:01 PST 


A quick internet search found a number of interesting pieces on Frank
Decontie. One of the more interesting was an interview given in the second
link below. I plan to add his name to the page of ENTS people on the

Ed Frank

Sacred Instructions
This system is dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the world and to the
enrichment it can bring to all people. ... by Spiritual Elder William
Commanda and Frank Decontie.

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