Jani Leverett,
Passing of my wife
  Dec 30, 2003 14:14 PST 


   I will be silent on the list for the next week as I mourn the passing of my dear wife Jani who died this afternoon at 2:13PM. Jani's passing will be observed through not only Cherokee and Choctaw tradition, her blood line, but also through all the nations who embraced her and her work.

RE: Passing of my wife   Will Blozan
  Dec 30, 2003 15:09 PST 

Dearest Bob,

My deepest sympathy for you and your family. I, as do many others, have the
utmost respect for such a powerful woman and an inspiring couple who
inspired us all how to live in our passions. That is "living", my friend,
and a gift that will never die.

May her spirit reside in us all, and nature the forests we love. She passes
with the greatest honors and the realization of a life lived to the fullest.
I am honored to have been a part of her life as an individual, and your life
as a couple. Thank you.

to my spirit mother    jarred trout
 Dec 30, 2003 15:25 PST 

And sweet Jani.Everyone's connection she made. Sweet like spring honey and with a sense of humor she was; quick. What you got from Jani was a no-holds barred, straight to the point, source of direction. your direction and your path she spoke. like a sweet, soft voice, in your heart's ear. you heard from mother and this is your gift from her.

Journal entry, December 30th 2003 

What I have always gotten from Jani is the truth. She is my mother, my sister, and always a friend. Jani told me in no uncertain terms that what I needed was always what I had. It took me a long time to understand what her sage sprit told me.

It was closer and more apparent to me after the hikes in the wood. Ice Glen, Mohawk, and all the big trees, and it was in me (it had always been and damn it, if I couldn't see it.) Jani was a truth oracle, a soft and gentle flower, she was covering, like the Canadian Geese that flew in the late summer, a soft spring breeze, a calling to the things that we can't see, what was missing in my life. The truth.

And Jani was not afraid of telling me or anyone what was going to be. She had this sprit and the wherewithall to let you know what you would typically deny. I hear her whisper in my ear, soft and comforting.... like the spring rain, "Hello my name is Jani, if you listen to me I will help you set yourself free. Tell me your dreams and I will tell you where you really need to be.

I am Jani, the sister of mother Earth, I am trees, I am your safety home, you can sleep here, but your dreams are your own and you need to follow your own spirit calling."

"Brother Jarred. You are who your are. No man or woman can say different. If you find a woman to call friend, she will guide your way, but you brother Jarred are one who comes into the world only a few times. Your spirit cannot be suffocated by what you think is real."

Jani was always a source of healing. I always came home to Bob's; Not so much to talk trees, but to hear the voice of my spirit mother and Jani was my direction... as she was to so many.

And in her passing, i hear words from a song, long past by;

Bird Song

All I know is something like a bird within her sang,

All I know she sang a little while and then flew on,

Tell me all that you know, I'll show you snow and rain.

If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why?

Anyone who sings a tune so sweet is passin' by,

Laugh in the sunshine, sing, cry in the dark, fly through the night.

Don't cry now, don't you cry, don't you cry anymore.

Sleep in the stars, don't you cry, dry your eyes on the wind.

All I know is something like a bird within her sang,

All I know she sang a little while and then flew off,

Tell me all that you know, I'll show you snow and rain.

And this to me was Jani song, she was a spirit that we would all truly know, just give it a chance. And Brother Bob, her husband and life partner, they were two children along lifes long walk.

Re: Jani Leverett   Joe Zorzin
  Dec 30, 2003 15:51 PST 

To Burl-belly, my sympathies over the passing of Jani. I only met her a few times, but liked her right away for her natural beauty and soft voice.

The Jani Pine   Linda Luthringer
  Dec 30, 2003 20:23 PST 


I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of your dear wife.

Please accept the dedication of the Jani Pine as a humble honor and memorial
to her. I previously named this tree the Tornado Pine, for its miraculous
stand against many storms. It is a living testament to fortitude, beauty,
and grace where many of its brethren have fallen. The tree stands about 100
yards east and downhill of Seneca Trail overlooking the Clarion River (41
19.635N x 79 12.693W). The tree is a true vibrant survivor... its top was
bent over from the 1976 Class 3 tornado. It now has a full crown and a
commanding view of the beautiful Clarion River.

This is one of the few remaining great white pines at Cook Forest which
stands at 10.1ft CBH x 171.2ft high. To my knowledge, it is the 3rd tallest
tree that has been accurately measured in the entire Northeastern United

Let it be known that from this point forward, this magnificent specimen will
be known as the Jani Pine.

My humble prayers go out to you and your family.

Re: The Jani Pine   wind-@juno.com
  Dec 31, 2003 03:44 PST 

A fitting tribute to one who loved the Forest and one who is deeply loved by the Forest Family. For Jani was always referred to by the Forest beings with the name they gave her - Standing Woman. In many Native American traditions, the Tree People are referred to as the Standing People. Standing Woman once more flows through the Forest in grace and elegant peace and serenity. We will always find her there accompanying Bob (Hummingbird)on his continued mission. We, who have been connected with her in this lifetime, will celebrate her life and will also understand her joy and freedom now. Jani is by your side still brother Bob - as are all of your friends.

With love,
WIndbear & Dreamwolf
Jani   dbhg-@comcast.net
  Jan 02, 2004 05:17 PST 


A special thank you to all of those who have sent their condolences over the passing of my dear wife Jani. In time I will thank each of you personally for your condolences. Your thoughts and wishes are most important. The official time of death was established at 2:13PM on Dec 30, 2003. She drew her last breath at 1:21PM.

Jani's life and our partnership of nearly 37 years will be the subject of a book. Her story is remarkable, because she was remarkable. I consider myself the most blessed person in the world for having been privileged to have been married to her.

In two weeks, we will begin an extended period of mourning Jani's passing and celebrating her life. Details will be posted on the list.

Jani Leverett (11/24/41 - 12/30/03)   

A multimedia tribute to Jani Leverett was presented as part of the Second Forest Summit Lecture Series held at Holyoke Community College Oct. 21-22, 2004.  The outing to MTSF on Friday started with a visit to the dedication plaque to Jani at MTSF.


Jani Leverett at the "Jani Pine" Mohawk Trail State Forest (2001).  The late Jani Leverett was the wife of Robert Leverett and one of the inspirational founders of ENTS.  She was of  native American ancestry and an activist who served as president of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Indian Movement.  She was a champion of the cause of indigenous peoples around the world, she spoke widely on these issue, including addressing the United Nations on these concerns.