Palisade Head. MN:  Frelich
  Sep 23, 2005 06:37 PDT 

Ernie, Bob et al.:

As long as were are talking about favorite tree places, I mention one that
few if any ENTS have visited, namely Palisade Head on Lake Superior north
of Two Harbors. Palisade head is composed of remnants of ancient volcanic
lava flows that now consists of a dome of rock projecting about 350-400
feet above Lake Superior. On the side facing the lake, the glaciers
plucked the side of the dome, creating a vertical bluff 300 feet high that
plunges into the lake, which is 900 feet deep within a short distance off

Clinging to the top of the dome in crevices in the rock are numerous
mountain ash trees about 15 feet tall that are full of bright orange
berries at this time of year, and the sloping sides of the dome are
covered with paper birch forest with white spruce projecting above the
birches. Looking to the north, one can see shovel point, another dome of
rock that is not as high and lowers gradually into Lake Superior, and is
covered by a white spruce forest. Looking east, on a clear day one can see
the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore with 22 large islands covered with
yellow birch, sugar maple and hemlock forest.