Rock Creek Run, PA:  Special Places
  Apr 19, 2006 09:46 PDT 

A special place for me is a small unknown place called Rock Run Creek. It is located in Warwick Twp., Chester County. It feeds into French Creek and then then eventually into the Schuylkill, and Delaware. The spring that starts the creek was near my home and we used to follow it all the way to French Creek, sometimes on a daily basis. It is a deep draw that contains huge rounded grey boulders, some times to the point where you cannot see the water. This area is owned privately by many different people, but is under some pressure of development. Someday I will go back there to see what trees there are. The rocks are the most impressive, and are the same type of rock as those at St Peters village on the French Creek. A sign at the village says that there are two places on earth where this type of rock is exposed and they are about 6 million years old. It is protected by the scenic rivers act, and I hope it survives intact.