Special places:  Leverett   Robert Leverett
  Sep 23, 2005 08:21 PDT 

Lee and Ernie,

   I've been mulling over Ed's special places request and I think I will
be able to reduce it to a list of 5 or 6, with no clear winner. It
strikes me as ironic, if that's the right word, that the stark, often
spectacular terrain of places sculpted by glaciers that we find so
visually compelling were rubble heaps of destruction after the glaciers
receded. From massive landscape destruction there evolves wild beauty.
Those of us connected to nature see and appreciate it as an never ending
kaleidoscope of shapes, textures, colors, and scents.

   I suppose that human dominated landscapes have the same impact on
people who value the human hand on the landscape. For me, the human
touch can be aesthetic as with formal gardens, great architecture and
sculpture, but alas, usually isn't. I still have those ant colony housing
projects in my mind that Monica and I saw in Colorado, spreading across
the plains like giant cancers. With a runaway population driving the
need for urban expansion and the fools that run our government, at all
levels, oblivious to the threat of far too many people, my brain is too
simple to conceive of a direction and solution that would work for both
people and the rest of the planet, but the tragic, sad images coming
from the Gulf Coast hopefully will alert the public that we, as a
species, are going in the wrong direction. Can you imagine being in a
traffic jam tens of miles long with nowhere to go and a category
hurricane bearing down on you?

Sorry for straying from the original subject, but what's happening in
the Gulf states has put me in a state of shock.