Re: Basswoods
   Nov 05, 2003 18:52 PST 

What is the accepted maximum height for basswood. I have a small (20" DBH)
basswood that is closing in on 130' tall. It is a sample tree I'm monitoring
for growth.

In central WV I have encountered quite a number of healthy (until they were
harvested) second growth basswoods over 10' CBH. I am working on a timber sale
at this time where a number of the basswood are taller than the more common
yellow poplar.

Russ Richardson
RE: Basswoods    Will Blozan
   Nov 06, 2003 04:27 PST 

As far as I can recall:

Tilia americana- 128.7' Zoar (2003)
Tilia heterophylla- 148.6' Smokies (2003)

If you have T. americana you may have a species record!

Question for Will Blozan    Willard Fell
   Nov 06, 2003 05:19 PST 
Regarding Basswood, what is your opinion/experience concerning the
species distribution (white vs. American) in the Southern Appalachians,
North Georgia in particular.

I don't believe I could tell the two apart, however I have trees on my
state list for both T. heterophylla and americana. While most dendro
texts extend the distribution of both to the Sou. Apps., I have heard
from others that all the large Basswood south of VA are going to be
heterophylla. Do you or any of the others have an opinion or personal

Thanks Will F
RE: Question for Will Blozan   Will Blozan
  Nov 06, 2003 15:23 PST 
MessageI have only seen T. americana on rich sites at low elevations in the
Smokies. In leaf, it is fairly easy to tell apart based on leaf size
(usually larger on T. americana) and hairiness on the underside. Growth form
and bark is different as well, with T. americana being more open-branched
and heavy-barked (if this makes sense). I would call it uncommon in the
Smokies (may be the opposite in peidmont and Blue Ridge Escarpment areas)
and similar enough to be often confused, but distinct enough to separate the
species at a distance. I have only seen large ones in the Porkies, and wow,
are they impressive! They look very much like old tuliptree, with a few
heavy limbs and thick, scaling bark.

Hope this helps!

RE: Basswoods   Will Blozan
  Nov 07, 2003 19:16 PST 

A 100' T. heterophylla is to be expected and "common" in OG s. Apps. If Russ
has T. americana, that is another story! T. heterophylla has been ENTS
documented to over 18' cbh single stem!