Black walnut dimensions
  Nov 05, 2004 11:15 PST 

The National Champ is not Juglans nigra. I informed AF of this last year, but they ignored me and still printed the old data.

It is Juglans nigra x hindsii, a hybrid developed by Luther Burbank.

It is, as far as I know, the largest of any Juglans in North America. The 2003 measurements are 25' x 111' x 151', inluding a 94 foot-long branch, the longest I know of in the temperate world.

Most of the giant Juglans on the West Coast are Luther Burbank hybrids.

The largest pure nigra that I know of is a tree in Washington that measures
20'4" x 87' x 123'

Out tallest is 123'.


On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Dale J. Luthringer wrote:


Does anyone know what the national, regional, or state champs are for
black walnut?


Re: black walnut dimensions   Rory Nichols
  Nov 05, 2004 12:52 PST 


Is that the Sauvie Island tree in Oregon? I'll take your word for it being a
hybrid and send AF a little email. ...

A 94' branch!? Holy crap! So what is the longest you know of bar none?

Rory Nichols
RE: black walnut dimensions   Dale J. Luthringer
  Nov 08, 2004 10:40 PST 


Thanks for the stats. 151' spread?! Geeeeezzzzz! I wasn't aware of
the hindsii form. What is the difference between pure nigra and

I just got back from a short excursion to the Canadian side of the
Niagara Falls. Bruce Kershner and Gerry Horowitz showed me a nice black
walnut that they found tucked in a small ravine just off the main road.
It was a nice tree, albeit a fused double at over 15ft up the trunk.
Bruce had the circumference to over 17ft. It went to just a bit over
104ft high. That's still the largest black walnut I've ever seen. The
park managers didn't even know it was there...

RE: black walnut dimensions
   Nov 08, 2004 22:52 PST 
Attached are photos of nuts from Juglans nigra, hindsii, and their hybrid. I will send it to you alone in case the image does not make it through.


Back to walnut dimensions, NC.   Will Blozan
  Nov 11, 2004 13:57 PST 

I measured a big black walnut last week that may be a new NC State Champion.
It grows on the French Broad River near the Biltmore Estate and has the
following dimensions:

Girth     12'7"

Height   82'

Spread 91'

Points   256

A few weeks ago (10/18/04) I measured one of the current state champion
walnuts in Clemmons, NC that had almost the same girth (153") and height
(83') but a shorter spread. Unfortunately, it was struck by lightening and
is in decline. It has a more massive stem and dates to the 1860's.