Re: big sassafras, black walnuts, and other tree stuff..   Colby Rucker
  Oct 06, 2003 11:53 PDT 


The national champion sassafras has a very decent single trunk, about
fifteen feet clear. Located in Owensboro, Davless Co., Kentucky, it's been
the champion since 1954, perhaps longer than any other eastern tree. It's
still growing quite rapidly, having increased from 16-0 (1966), 17-3 (1972),
21-1(1986) to 21-10 in 1995. The tree's located near the roadside, and
identified by a large historical highway marker.

RE: sassafras longevity   Will Blozan
  Oct 07, 2003 21:18 PDT 
I have cored sassafras to 180 years in the Smokies. I wouldn't doubt for a
minute that they can double that without a problem. I have seen some
seriously knarly trees in the west end of the Smokies that don't even "look"
like sassafras. I have noticed that most of the older trees have simple,
entire leaves. The older trees have always been rotten when I tried to pull
a core.