Sugar Maple

Zoar Valley, NY. Excellent gnarl factor on this 115' x 8' CBH sugar maple. Photo by Tom Diggins.

Sugar Maple  10.4ft CBH x 116.6ft high
Maple Drive, Cook Forest State Park

  • sugar maple bark There have been a number of recent posts featuring the bark of different trees. This is a photo of a 51" DBH/13.3' CBH sugar maple I found near an old homestead in central WV. The house has been gone for over 50 years and all that remains is the footprint of the house site. The sugar maple was a shade tree for the place. I encountered some very good lighting conditions that illustrated the bark characteristics very well. jAN 16, 2010
  • Big Sugar Maples  Jan16, 2010  Among the few larger Sugar Maples in New York State (and slightly north of 43 degrees) is the great 13.8 ft. cbh and 116 ft. tall largest Sugar maple in the Liverpool School Maple Grove.
  • Big sugar maples January 16, 010 Large forest-growth sugar maples can easily exceed 12 feet in girth in the southern Appalachians and on occasion 14 or even 15. I'm unsure of what the largest one Will Blozan has measured. Many years ago, I measured a beauty that was 13.7 feet in girth and about 115 feet tall. Heights for Sugar Maple in the Smokies have been measured to slightly over 150 feet with many sugars in the 130s in several areas of the Carolina mountains. Moving northward, dimensions for the in-forest trees decrease. By the time the Taconics of eastern New York and Berkshires of western massachusetts are reached, a big in-forest sugar maple is more likely to be 10 to 11 feet around with only an occasional larger one. Open grown trees can exceed 15 feet with a few as larger as 18 or 19. I think this size range holds across New York.... more
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