White Ash

Bark pattern of a White Ash tree - photo by Ed Frank

Compound leaves of a White Ash - photo by Ed Frank

Lee Frelich, June 9, 2005:  
 This link has an article about plans to collect seeds from ash trees this
fall, since the ashes will go extinct within a few years in the likely case
that the emerald ash borer escapes it containment zone:

Don Bragg, June 10, 2005:
We have just arrived in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, and the devastation being wrought by the emerald ash borer is appalling. We saw this a couple years ago in the urban areas of Detroit (mostly planted green ash) and the losses were just about total. Now, thanks to traffic congestion, we slowly drove up US23 north of Ann Arbor and witnessed countless skeletons of freshly killed ash of various species (a major component of many forests in this area). My wife's parents live near Whitmore Lake, Michigan, and are starting to see their ash crowns thinnings as the borers do their work... I have my doubts about containment, and I urge people wherever they live to support this program!