Pleasing Fungus Beetles - Ganoderma tsugae   symplastless
  Mar 18, 2007 08:13 PST 
photo by Ed Frank


Did you notice much Ganoderma Tsugae? How about American Pleasing Fungus
Beetles (SAY). If anyone does please get me some pictures of both. I am
working on a hemlock web site and would like to list the associates in the
different ecological stages. I personally have only seen the beetles when
their was ganoderma tsugae and I have only seen the beetles in a protected
areas such as a wilderness area and old growth. I would guess that with
the increased death of the symplast of hemlocks their would be an increase
in ganoderma tsugae. I friend of mine was working on fungi diversity but
sadly enough, she probably lost her job with the current administration. I
wonder if once an area is altered to a point, that the ganoderma tsugae
disappears. Like as if it and the beetles may be endangered. I would think
that once the nurse logs of hemlock are moved to just residual lignin, once
the HWA wipe out the hemlocks, then the beetles are an endangered species
with the fungi? Thoughts please. maybe the beetles need to be placed on
the endangered species list along with their substrate the ganoderma tsugae
due to the decline of hemlocks as a result of the HWA.
Just how bad is it?

John A. Keslick, Jr.

Pleasing Fungus Beetles   Joshua Kelly
  Mar 18, 2007 14:41 PST 


I've got a nice shot of Ganoderma tsugae with a small swarm of pleasing
fungus beetles both feeding and mating on them. I'm fascinated by that
relationship also. I'll send you a photo - please credit Dan Entmacher for
it on your web site.

Re: Another story   Edward Frank
  Mar 18, 2007 17:03 PST 


photo by Ed Frank

I have some excellent photos of the fungus and beetle from Cook Forest that
I can send you. The species likely won't be wiped at completely. The
fungus will grow on downed pines, just not as prolifically as on hemlock.
The beetle lives on the fungus.

Ed Frank

fungi-beetles-hemlock   symplastless
  Mar 20, 2007 14:52 PST 


I placed your pictures here. If anyone has anything to add - please do.

John A. Keslick, Jr.