RE: Tsuga Search introduction   Robert Leverett
  May 17, 2006 12:33 PDT 


   What Will has revealed to the members of the list in his inspiring
e-mail is a planned project that represents ENTS at its best. We can be
justly proud that the GSMNP recognizes, through Will Blozan, the
singular expertise of ENTS to search out, climb, measure, study, and
treat the greatest of our surviving hemlocks before it is too late. With
Will at the helm, ENTS is presently THE only organization that can
efficiently do the job. Nobody has done more than Will Blozan and the
science staff of the GSMNP recognizes and values Will's contribution.
The NPS has some great employess who are doing everything from inside
that they can do, but they recognize that they need the help of ENTS.

   As it stands now, FMTSF will act as the fiscal agent through which
ENTS will function in partnership with the GSMNP. Appalachian Arborists
Inc. will do the actual on-site work.

   Folks, this may well be our proudest moment. Let history record that
Will Blozan is been the man of the hour. Without his concern for and
unparalleled dedication to the survival of the great hemlocks of the
southern Appalachians, one by one, we'd be watching every single great
hemlock succumb to the adelgid, waiting on the beetles to become

   I hope the Forest Service will wake up and follow the lead of the
National Park Service. There are great hemlocks in the Chattaoochee,
Sumter, Nantahala, Pisgah, and Cherokee NFs that need help.