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    Mike Leonard, Consulting Forester
    North Quabbin Forestry is dedicated to practicing the very best forest management for landowners throughout Massachusetts. Good forestry practices can: increase timber yields; provide for better wildlife habitat; increase recreational opportunities; and protect water quality. A well managed woodlot will also greatly increase the value of your property. 


    Greetings to All My Friends in the Forest Community,

    Below are links to a video (a slide show really) of photos I took earlier in the year of the destruction of the forest around the Petersham Country Club. The vimeo one is clearer but if you use Mozilla Firefox, you have to copy and paste the link to your browser. The YouTube version is a bit more blurry but still works. Hopefully documenting such forest destruction will lead to long overdue reform of our forestry laws. MA Forest Watch will continue to document forest destruction like this on both public and private land. Stay tuned.   

High Resolution Videos  on Vimeo

Regarding the high def version at  I's possible for almost anyone to see it without the periodic choking if you have a slow connection- what you do is start it, then click on the stop button in the lower left corner- it stops playing but it doesn't stop buffering- so let it fully buffer the entire file, then click on the play button- and it will play without any jerkiness. Also, in the buttons, at the lower right corner, clicking on that button shows the video in full screen mode- if your screen res is larger than 1280x720- the image is stretched to fill the full screen which isn't good- but, once it becomes full screen, move your mouse button along the upper right part of the screen and you'll see some more buttons- click on the "scaling on" button so it says "scaling off"- then for those of you with huge monitors, the image will be exactly what it should be- 1280x720- and if fully buffered, it will play smooth even if you have a slow connection.