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  • A Tale of two Clearcuts:  Showing 2 clearcuts in Massachusetts: at October Mt. State Forest in Berkshire County and at Tully Lake Recreation Area in Royalston near the New Hampshire border. The issue is raised if such clearcutting is good forestry. I am a licensed consulting forester with 35 years experience.

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Regarding the high def version at  I's possible for almost anyone to see it without the periodic choking if you have a slow connection- what you do is start it, then click on the stop button in the lower left corner- it stops playing but it doesn't stop buffering- so let it fully buffer the entire file, then click on the play button- and it will play without any jerkiness. Also, in the buttons, at the lower right corner, clicking on that button shows the video in full screen mode- if your screen res is larger than 1280x720- the image is stretched to fill the full screen which isn't good- but, once it becomes full screen, move your mouse button along the upper right part of the screen and you'll see some more buttons- click on the "scaling on" button so it says "scaling off"- then for those of you with huge monitors, the image will be exactly what it should be- 1280x720- and if fully buffered, it will play smooth even if you have a slow connection.