Forest wind disturbance    Ernie Ostuno
  Oct 14, 2006 07:26 PDT 

Lee ands other ENTS,

I have been tasked with putting together some storm damage survey
training and I need to make at least a crude ranking of which tree
species are least and most susceptible to wind damage in southwest Lower
Michigan. What I am trying to do is establish guidelines for estimating
wind speeds based on tree damage. This will focus on healthy trees (or
tree limbs) that are greater than 6" dbh, that are taken down by strong
winds. Here's some of our most common species:

Oak: red and white
Maple: silver, sugar, red
Ash: white and green
Black Cherry
Birch: yellow and paper
Pine: white, red, jack, pitch
spruce: white, black, norway
white cedar

I'm probably leaving some common species out, but these are the ones
that I have seen blown over or lost large limbs from thunderstorms and
tornadoes in the last few years here. Could you rank these from least to
most wind resistant? Input on any other native or non-native species
that might be planted here is also welcome.