Abies nordmanniana   Will Blozan
  Jun 14, 2005 18:23 PDT 
Hey ENTS and fellow tree folks,

I have a keen interest in Nordmann fir, as it is one of my favorite
introduced conifers. Today in Highlands, NC on the property of "Highland
Hiker" I measured two of the tallest I have ever seen. How tall can this
species get in North America and in Europe? I was blown away by these
towering trees, which were in perfect shape and health. Until today, the NC
State Champion at High Hampton Inn in Cashiers was the tallest I had seen-
right at 100' tall as of April 2005 (my laser measurement).

Trees today.

8'10"     X          116.6'

8'2"       X          125.9'

Bob Van Pelt, I bet you have a taller one out west- how does the 125'+ tree

Will Blozan
Re: Abies nordmanniana   abi-@u.washington.edu
  Jun 15, 2005 05:33 PDT 

I must agree - A. nordmanniana is a consistently beautiful tree, everywhere I see it.

In the western US, we have five species of Abies that exceed 70 m in height. Throughout the remaining world, there are two others - Abies pindrow from the Himalayas, and Abies nordmanniana from the Caucasus Mtns.

The UK has a specimen, centuries old, that has made it to 48 m.

Your tree appears to be a new North American record for height. On the west coast we are just over 30 m on our tallest. We may have the best conditions for growing conifers, but we are still too young. It is rare to find ornamentals over 100 years old.