ARIW Diversity Interest   Edward Frank
  December 23, 2007

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Date: Sun, Dec 23 2007 6:25 pm
From: "Edward Frank"


I want to submit a series of DIn values for the Allegheny River Islands Wilderness, PA

ARIW DIn = 26 368 acres Rucker Index = 114.27

Crull Island DIn = 11 96 acres Rucker Index = 104.07
Thompson Island DIn = 19 67 acres Rucker Index = 105.33
R. Thompson Isl. DIn = 07 30 acres
Stewards Island DIn = 10 ~50 acres
Fuelhart Island DIn = 4 ~25 acres
Courson Island DIn = 13 62 acres Rucker Index = 92.1
King Island DIn = 10 36 acres
Baker Island DIn = 13 67 acres

Neither Stewards Island or Fuelhart Island are part of the wilderness. Stewards is owned by the US Forest Service. Fuelhart is privately owned and we did not land on the island. but simply noted the presence of a few species as we passed.

The Crull Island RI and DIn was by D. Luthringer 09/07/2004
The other Rucker Indexes and DI are by D. Luthringer, A. Kelly, and E. Frank, 09/02-05.2007.

These are preliminary DIn and RI as several of the islands were only briefly visited, and No Name Island was not visited as part of the trip. I am sure the species counts for most of the islands will increase with further exploration.


Ed Frank