Deer Meadows black cherry   Dale J. Luthringer
  Jun 24, 2004 17:17 PDT 
Bob, Will,

The large Deer Meadows black cherry in Cook Forest has taken some major
crown damage from a recent windstorm. We have had many high wind events
go through the park this season. I'm surprised this tree survived the
microburst we had in this area about 2 years ago. I haven't visited the
tree myself yet, but one of our 'geocachers' has taken a picture and
posted it on the geocache website. You can view a couple of jpegs at:

The last measurement of this massive black cherry was 12.7ft CBH x
120.1ft high taken on 4/27/03. It is the largest forest grown single
stem black cherry I've yet to see in Pennsylvania. I believe this tree
might go to the 250 year age class. I'm very anxious to possible get a
cross section of the large limb that fell from its crown. It has really
opened the area up. I'm not sure if the tree will be able to recover
from this breakage this late in its life, but it still is a sight to


Carl Harting photos - August 2004
Large Black Cherry in the Deer Meadows Old Growth Area of Cook Forest after wind damage in the summer of 2004. Most of the tree's height remains, and as evidence on the trunk indicates, this is not the first large wind damage event for this tree.
Picture of my 8 year old daughter standing next to the largest branch blown off the large Black Cherry in the Deer Meadows Old Growth Area of Cook Forest.