American Chestnut

American Chestnut leaves - photo by Ed Frank

Smooth bark of a young, 3" diameter American Chestnut - photo by Ed Frank

A recent climb for the American Chestnut Foundation . The climber (Mike Riley, an employee) is ascending to do the pollination. I had bagged the female flowers two weeks earlier. He is nearing 40' up in this beautiful chestnut in Ashe County, NC which may stand 60' tall. It is about 5 feet in girth and in nearly perfect health. It has small non-lethal (yet?) cankers only in narrow branch bark ridges.  The trunk is so smooth the bark looks very much like young black birch or cherry. Photo and comments by Will Blozan

A standing dead chestnut tree in the Smokies with something people don't see very often at all anymore, mature bark.  Photo by Michael Davie.

82.5 foot tall American Chestnut at Cook Forest, PA - photo by Carl Harting

Chestnuts at Cook Forest, PA - photo by Carl Harting
Russ Richardson wrote (Oct 19, 2005):  I have been working in the woods on some private property adjacent to Coopers Rock State Forest near Morgantown, WV and have been through an area where the original chestnut trees were not cut until after the blight. Yesterday, I encountered a stump that was still sound and identifiable as chestnut that has rotted a lot since it was cut but the sound part is still 9' across. The same area has some scattered yellow birch remnants that are impressive for that part of WV but they can't compare to some of the old honkers I remember seeing years ago in the Adirondacks!