Great Smoky Mountain National Park,
North Carolina and Tennessee


Great Smoky Mountain National Park is located on the border between Tennessee and North Caroline.  It includes 520,000 acres of mountainous terrain that includes several of the tallest tree site in the eastern United States.  For the purpose of this locations listing it is treated as a separate entity.  Will Blozan, Jess Riddle, Michael Davie and a few others have participated in most trips in the park.  The trip reports are organized by drainage basin or district based upon guidelines sent to me by Jess Riddle.  Any errors in placing the trip into the correct basin are entirely my own. .pdf format maps of the park are available at:  GSMNP quads maps are available at  - Ed Frank


          NPS photo - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park


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Abram's Creek/West End

Big Creek


Bradley Fork


Cataloochee Creek




Deep Creek


Greenbriar District


Kanati Fork


Oconaluftee River


Raven Fork


West Prong Little Pigeon River


Forge Creek

Here are some shots from my cross country trek in the Forge Cr. Drainage of the Smokies. Dan Miles
By Miles, Dan  - Jan 8, 2010  Sorry, folks. I stand corrected about my hike. That was MEIGS Mtn. Tr., not Gabes Mtn. (which also has some good old growth). They are both in the TN Smokies. Here are some images taken along the Meigs Mtn. Tr., and along Meigs Creek.


Miscellaneous Locations



Enloe-opal: This is a picture of a hemlock growing over Raven Fork in GSMNP, the lone tree left in a huge blowdown from Hurricane Opal. Notice it lost one half of a codominant crown.


General Discussions

Tsuga Search Project


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          View from Webcam on Look Rock, GSMNP  Oct 18, 2006