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Below is a list of books on trees and forestry, (a couple fiction and essays also) available for downloading from the internet for free.  Most of these were accessed from http://www.archive.org I intend to work through more of the listings and this is the first of several lists I will post.  If you scroll through it I am sure there are some of interest to many of you.  They are just in the order I fund them.  There are general tree books and books specific for several states, and just some curiosities as well. These books and their illustrations are in the public domain, although some may require a credit to the source.  I have limited the list to those written prior to 1920.

You can search for books, films, etc, by going to this site:  http://www.archive.org/  There is a search box near the top of the page to type in your request.  In general I would do a basic search, then look over the results and do an advanced search if you did not find what you wanted.  The advanced search option comes up a the top of every results page - but for some reason not on the homepage.  http://www.archive.org/advancedsearch.php?q= For my search to get these books I typed just the word "trees" in the first blank where it said "Any Field."  I did not select anything else on the page until the last blanks where I set the "Date range:  between 1800 - 1920.  You can search by media type, date range, and multiple search words. look to find old books with information on almost any subject.  For example with just the search words "forest Pennsylvania" with no other selections there were 58 results - some of these are several books about the "Black Forest of PA" and some video clips, as well as other results that aren't really relevant.  So use this resource to find information about the history of sites.  To find tree guides and keys - the nomenclature may be out of date, but the illustrations are sometimes fantastic.

Edward Frank
January 31, 2009
Western Pennsylvania

Sitka spruce: its uses, growth and management (1922)
68 pp., 3.8 MB

Author: Cary, N. Leroy. [from old catalog]
Publisher: Washington, Govt. print. off.

Forest laws concerning railroads (1907)
12 pp., 323 kb

Author: Massachusetts. Laws, statutes, etc; Massachusetts. State Forester; Rane, F. Wm. (Frank
William), 1868-1933

Utilization of basswood (1922)
80 pp., 3.8 MB

Author: Brush, Warren David, 1881-

Recreation uses on the national forests (1918)
52 pp., 3.3 Mb

Author: Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943; United States. Forest Service

The North-west passage by land [microform] : being the narrative of an expedition from the Atlantic
to the Pacific : undertaken with the view of exploring a route across the continent to British
Columbia through British territory, by one of the northern passes in the Rocky Mountains (1865)
479 pp., 38 MB

Author: Milton, William Fitzwilliam, Viscount, 1839-1877; Cheadle, W. B. (Walter Butler), 1835-1910

Forest planting in New Jersey (1913)
46 pp., 2 MB

Author: New Jersey. Forest Park Reservation Commission; Gaskill, Alfred, 1861-

Handbook of field and office problems in forest mensuration (1922)
156 pp., 9.2 Mb

Author: Winkenwerder, Hugo, b. 1878; Clark, Elias Treat, 1886-

The Forest Trees of North America (January 1, 1891)
65 pp., 4 MB

Author: Gray, Asa

The Woods and Timbers of North Carolina (1883)
288 pp, 14.8 MB

Author: Hale, Peter M; Curtis, M. A. (Moses Ashley), 1808-1872

The Sieur de Monts national monument and its historical associations  Volume 1.. (1917)
72 pp., 7.3 Mb

Author: Dorr, George B. (George Bucknam), 1853-1944; Smith, Herbert Augustine; Dwight, Timothy,
1752-1817  Volume: 1

The Sieur de Monts national monument and its historical associations .Volume 2. (1917)
72 pp., 8 Mb

Author: Dorr, George B. (George Bucknam), 1853-1944; Smith, Herbert Augustine; Dwight, Timothy,
1752-1817 , Volume: 2

Landscape engineering in the national forests (1918)
42 pp., 1.8 MB

Author: Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943; United States. Forest Service

Forest fancies (1917)
232 pp., 11.4 MB

Author: Kellerhouse, Lucy Charlton

The Spell of the Rockies (1911)
420 pp., 30.5 MB

Author: Mills, Enos Abijah, 1870-1922

Our national parks (1901)
3414 pp., 35.5 Mb

Author: Muir, John, 1838-1914

Where the forest murmurs. Nature essays (1906)
376 pp., 19.6 MB

Author: Sharp, William, 1855-1905

Alarming destruction of American forests [microform] (1883)
24 pp,. 1.3 MB

Author: Little, William, b. 1836

Instructions to forest wardens (1903)
32 pp., 1.4 MB

Author: Pennsylvania. Dept. of Forest and Waters; Williams, I. C

The book of forestry (1916)
342 pp., 41.6 MB

Author: Moon, Frederick Franklin, b. 1880

Principles of American forestry (1907)
394 pp., 36.3 MB

Author: Green, Samuel B. (Samuel Bowdlear), 1859-1910

Forest preservation in Canada [microform] (1885)
12 pp., 350 KB

Author: Drummond, A. T. (Andrew Thomas), 1843-1923

List of large, old and interesting trees (in MA) (1892)
16 pp., 1.4 Mb

Author: Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Mariposa grove of big trees : a short history of the Mariposa big trees & the Yosemite Valley (1910)
38 pp., 3.1 Mb

Author: Leitch, B. M

Annual wholesale catalogue of American trees, shrubs, plants and seeds : cultivated and for sale at
the Linn©an Botanic Garden and Nurseries, near New-York (1832)
50 pp., 2.56 MB

Author: Wm. R. Prince & Co

A primer of forestry (1899)
134 pp., 19.3 MB

Author: Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946; Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946; Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946

Forestry; (1918)
32 pp., 1.4 MB

Author: North Carolina Forestry Association; Ucker, Clement S; Mitchell, J. Alfred

Forestry (1896)
175 pp., 7 MB

Author: Minnesota. Forestry commissioner. [from old catalog]

Woodlot forestry (1905)
16 pp., 827 kb

Author: Clark, Judson Freeman, b. 1870

Private forestry (1919)
14 pp., 1.9 Mb

Author: Graves, Henry S. (Henry Solon), 1871-1951; New England Forestry Conference (1919 : Boston)

Forestry work (1919)
244 pp., 9.5 MB

Author: Whellens, W. H

Farm forestry (1916)
346 pp., 44.5 MB

Author: Ferguson, John Arden

Forest Trees (1871)
291 pp, 8.79 Mb

Author: Arthur Bryant

Pennsylvania trees (1915)
408 pp., 70.2 MB

Author: Illick, Joseph Simon, 1884-

Familiar trees (1906)
304 pp, 8.02 MB

Author: Boulger, George Simonds, 1853-1922

Among green trees; a guide to pleasant and profitable acquaintance with familiar trees (1902)
288 pp., 21 MB

Author: Rogers, Julia Ellen, b. 1866

Our woodland trees (1878)
616 pp., 11 MB

Author: Heath, Francis George, 1843-1913

Studies of trees (1914)
271 pp,. 4.88 MB

Author: Levison, Jacob Joshua, 1881-

The trees of California (1909)
277 pp., 6.36 MB

Author: Jepson, Willis Linn, 1867-1946

With the trees (1903)
382 pp., 8.97 MB

Author: Going, Maud, 1859-1925

Big trees of California (1914)
45 pp., 1.96 MB

Author: Southern Pacific Company

Studies of trees (1914)
282 pp., 33 MB

Author: Levison, Jacob Joshua, 1881-

The trees of America (1855)
108 pp., 6.09 MB

Author: Piper, Richard Upton, 1816-1897

The trees of Vermont (1916)
265 pp., 11 MB

Author: Burns, George Plumer, 1871-1953; Otis, Charles Herbert, 1886- joint author

West Virginia trees (1920)
260 pp., 15 MB

Author: Brooks, A. B. (Alonzo Beecher), 1873-1944

American forest trees; (1913)
742 pp., 65 MB

Author: Gibson, Henry H, 1855-; Maxwell, Hu, 1860-

Our Woodland Trees (1878)
612 pp., 7.45 MB

Author: Francis George Heath

Forests and trees (1919)
228 pp., 21 MB

Author: Hales, Benjamin Jones, 1868-

Trees for Long Island (1908)
46 pp., 9.15 MB

Author: Hicks, Isaac, & son, N.Y

New England trees in winter (1911)
288 pp., 13 MB

Author: Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954; Jarvis, Chester Deacon, 1876-1948; Blakeslee, Albert
Francis, 1874-1954. New England trees in winter

Getting acquainted with the trees (1904)
277 pp., 7.08 MB

Author: McFarland, J. Horace (John Horace), 1859-1948

The historic trees of Massachusetts (1919)
241 pp., 4.38MB

Author: Simmons, James Raymond

The romance of our trees (1920)
355 pp., 3.7 MB

Author: Wilson, Ernest Henry, 1876-1930

The trees of northeastern America (1890)
277 pp., 4.25 MB

Author: Newhall, Charles Stedman, 1842-

Our field and forest trees (1916)
284 pp., 5 MB

Author: Going, Maud, 1859-1925

Trees in prose and poetry; (1902)
208 pp., 3.35 Mb

Author: Stone, Gertrude Lincoln, comp; Fickett, Mary Grace, joint comp

Familiar trees and their leaves (1896)
348 pp., 9 MB

Author: Mathews, F. Schuyler (Ferdinand Schuyler), 1854-1938

Forest trees and forest scenery (1901)
258 pp., 3.92 MB

Author: Schwarz, George Frederick, 1868-

Getting acquainted with the trees (1904)
280 pp., 17 mb

Author: McFarland, J. Horace (John Horace), 1859-1948

guide to the trees (1900)
478 pp., 22 Mb

Author: Lounsberry, Alice

A Familiar Talk about Trees (1883)
23 pp, 700 kb

Author: Franklin Benjamin Hough

Shade Trees for North Carolina (1908)
109 pp., 4.34 MB

Author: William Willard Ashe

A Guide to the Trees (1900)
471 pp., 14 Mb

Author: Alice Lounsberry

Growth studies in forest trees (1914)
92 pp., 2.35 Mb

Author: Brown, Harry Philip, 1887-

Ornamental Trees for Massachusetts Plantations (1881)
33pp., 1.44 Mb

Author: John Robinson
Notes: "From the twenty-eighth Annual report of the Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture."

Trees in nature, myth and art (1907)
413 pp., 7.30 MB

Author: Phythian, John Ernest, 1858-

Forest trees of the Pacific slope (1908)
483 pp., 44 Mb

Author: United States. Forest Service; Sudworth, George Bishop, 1864-1927

Native trees of Kentucky : a handbook (1910)
145 pp., 3.52 Mb

Author: Maury, Sarah Webb, 1861-

Trees and shrubs of Prospect park (1902)
264 pp., 3.07 MB

Author: Peet, Louis Harman. [from old catalog]

Trees and shrubs of Central Park (1903)
450 pp., 7.32 MB

Author: Peet, Louis Harman, 1863-

Timber trees and forests of North Carolina (1897) Vol. 5
286 pp., 9.31 Mb

Author: Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946; Ashe, W. W. (William Willard), 1872-1932

Timber trees and forests of North Carolina (1897) Vol. 6 &7
265 pp., 13 Mb

Author: Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-; Ashe, W. W. (William Willard), 1872-1932, joint author
Volume: nos. 6-7

Timber trees and forests of North Carolina (1897)
294 pp., 17 Mb

Author: Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946; Ashe, W. W. (William Willard), 1872-1932

The trees of Commonwealth Avenue, Boston (1909)
16 pp., 536 kb

Author: Sargent, Charles Sprague, 1841-1927

American forest trees, by Henry H. Gibson; (1913)
742 pp., 29 Mb

Author: Gibson, Henry H., 1855-; Maxwell, Hu

The indigenous trees of the Hawaiian Islands (1913)
540 pp., 33 Mb

Author: Rock, Joseph Francis Charles, 1884-1962

Shade trees, indigenous shrubs and vines (1883)
44 pp., 1.21 Mb

Author: Stewart, J. T

Report on the Big Trees of California (1900)
79 pp., 2.19 Mb

Author: United States Forest Service
Notes: At head of title : Senate, 56th Congress, 1st Session, Document no. 393.

Timber and Timber Trees, Native and Foreign (1894)
468 pp., 7.45 Mb

Author: Thomas Laslett

Trees, Fruits, and Flowers of Minnesota (1909)
565 pp., 16 Mb

Author: Minnesota State Horticultural Society , Minnesota State Horticultural Society

Fieldbook of American Trees and Shrubs (1915)
635 pp., 28 Mb

Author: F. Schuyler Mathews

Some Foreign Trees for the Southern States (1895)
65 pp., 1.98 Mb

Author: Bernhard Eduard Fernow

Tree Guide: Trees East of the Rockies (1914)
288 pp., 4.20 Mb

Author: Julia Ellen Rogers

Trees in Nature, Myth and Art (1907)
409 pp., 6.31 Mb

Author: John Ernest Phythian
Notes: Several of the plates are copies of famous paintings.

Injuries to shade trees from electricity (1903)
32 pp., 4.00 MB

Author: Stone, George E. (George Edward), 1860-1941

The American handbook of ornamental trees (1853)
286 pp., 13 Mb

Author: Meehan, Thomas, 1826-1901; Making of America Project

Street and Park Trees for Wisconsin Communities (1916)
57 pp., 1/07 Mb

Author: Mildred Alice Castle , Wisconsin State Conservation Commission , Wisconsin, State
Conservation Commission

Wild flowers and trees of Colorado (1909)
98 pp., 2.64 Mb

Author: Ramaley, Francis, 1870-1942

Report on the Big Trees of California (1900)
69 pp., 3.33 Mb

Author: United States Forest Service

Canadian timber trees: their distribution and preservation (1879)
34 pp., 1.90 Mb

Author: Drummond, Andrew Thomas, 1844-1921

Davey's primer on trees and birds (1905)
180 pp., 18 Mb

Author: Davey, John, 1846-1923

A four-fold word for trees (1909)
22 pp., 1.34 Mb

Author: Newark, N.J. Shade tree commission. [from old catalog]

Studies of trees in winter : a description of the deciduous trees of northeastern America (1901)
381 pp., 4.39 Mb

Author: Huntington, Annie Oakes, 1875-1940

Florida trees; a handbook of the native and naturalized trees of Florida (1913)
140 pp., 7.80 Mb

Author: Small, John Kunkel, 1869-1938

Illustrated key to the wild and commonly cultivated trees of the northeastern United States and
adjacent Canada; based primarily upon leaf characters (1912)
216 pp., 12 Mb

Author: Collins, J. Franklin (James Franklin), b. 1863; Preston, Howard W. (Howard Willis), b. 1859

Our trees. A popular account of the trees in the streets and gardens of Salem, and of the native
trees of Essex County, Massachusetts, with the location of trees, and historical and botanical
notes (1891)
136 pp., 2.66 Mb

Author: Robinson, John, 1846-1925

The artistic anatomy of trees, their structure & treatment in painting (1920)
428 pp., 30 Mb

Author: Cole, Rex Vicat, b. 1870

Canadian timber trees [microform] : their distribution and preservation (1879)
30 pp., 1.32 Mb

Author: Drummond, A. T. (Andrew Thomas), 1843-1923

The geographical distribution of the forest trees of Canada [microform] (1882)
40 pp., 2.15 Mb

Author: Bell, Robert, 1841-1917

A practical handbook of trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous perennials (1912)
414 pp., 9.81 Mb

Author: Kirkegaard, John, 1872-

Manual of the trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico) (1905)
876 pp., 85 Mb

Author: Sargent, Charles Sprague, 1841-1927; Faxon, Charles Edward, 1846-1918

Insects affecting park and woodland trees (1905) Volume 1
572 pp., 26 MB

Author: Felt, Ephraim Porter, 1868-1943
Volume: v. 1

Insects affecting park and woodland trees (1905)Volume 2
608 pp., 30 Mb

Author: Felt, Ephraim Porter, 1868-1943
Volume: v. 2

A practical handbook of trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous perennials (1912)
418 pp., 11 Mb

Author: Kirkegaard, John

Some important insects of Illinois shade trees and shrubs (1911)
96 pp., 7.4 MB

Author: Forbes, Stephen Alfred, 1844-1930

The succession of forest trees, and wild apples; (1887)
100 pp., 3.71 Mb

Author: Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862; Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882

Trees in winter; their study, planting, care and identification (1913)
466 pp., 40 Mb

Author: Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954; Jarvis, Chester Deacon, 1876-1948

The yew-trees of Great Britain and Ireland (1897)
348 pp., 50 Mb

Author: Lowe, John

Canadian Forests, Forest Trees, Timber and Forest Products (1884)
73 pp., 4.28 Mb

Author: Henry Beaumont Small

The North American sylva, or, A description of the forest trees ..., Volume 3 By François André
Michaux, Augustus Lucas Hillhouse


Key to New England Trees: Wild and Commonly Cultivated (1909)
53 pp., 1.7 MB

Author: James Franklin Collins, Howard Willis Preston

Manual of the Trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico). (1905)
867 pp., 34 Mb

Author: Charles Sprague Sargent

The plants of the Bible, trees and shrubs (1866)
289 pp., 3.69 Mb

Author: John Hutton Balfour

Some Additional Notes Upon Trees and Tree Planting in Massachusetts (1886)
31 pp., 1.12 Mb

Author: C[harles] S[prague ] Sargent

Trees, and how to paint them in water-colours (1883)
57 pp., 1.43 Mb

Author: William Henry J. Boot

Trees in Winter: Their Study, Planting, Care and Identification (1913)
473 pp., 23 Mb

Author: Albert Francis Blakeslee, Chester Deacon Jarvis

Sylvan Ontario : a guide to our native trees and shrubs (1901)
86 pp., 11 mb

Author: Muldrew, W. H. (William Hawthorne), 1867-1904

The big trees of California, their history and characteristics (1907)
118 pp., 2.73 Mb

Author: Clark, Galen, 1814-1910

A practical handbook of trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous perennials (1916)
427 pp, 19 Mb

Author: Kirkegaard, John

The trees of Northeastern America, the shrubs of Northeastern America (1908)
532 pp, 122 Mb

Author: Newhall, Charles S. (Charles Stedman), 1842-1935

Trees, shrubs and vines of the northeastern United States; (1903)
205 pp., 6.16 Mb

Author: Parkhurst, Howard Elmore, 1848-1916. [from old catalog]

North American trees : being descriptions and illustrations of the trees growing independently of
cultivation in North America, north of Mexico and the West Indies (1908)
924 pp., 35 Mb

Author: Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934; Shafer, John Adolph

A report on the trees and shrubs growing naturally in the forests of Massachusetts (1846)
619 pp., 17 Mb

Author: Emerson, George B. (George Barrell), 1797-1881; Zoological and Botanical Survey (Mass.)

Key to common deciduous trees in winter and key to common woods (1903)
16 pp, 666 Kb

Author: Sargent, Frederick Leroy, 1863-1928

Michigan trees; a handbook of the native and most important introduced species (1915)
298 pp., 6.43 Mb

Author: Otis, Charles Herbert, 1886

Handbook of the trees of the northern states and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains (1918)
504 pp., 42 Mb

Author: Hough, Romeyn Beck, 1857-1924

Leaf key to the trees of the northern states and Canada, and a botanical glossary (1910)
80 pp., 6.27 Mb

Author: Hough, Romeyn Beck, 1857-1924

The chestnut bark disease; a grave danger which threatens our forest trees, with its remedy (1911)
19 pp., 624 Kb

Author: Massachusetts. State forester. [from old catalog]

Minnesota trees and shrubs : an illustrated manual of the native and cultivated woody plants of
the State (1912)
34 pp., 20 Mb

Author: Clements, Frederic E. (Frederic Edward), 1874-1945; Butters, F. K. (Frederic King), 1878-
1945; Rosendahl, C. O. (Carl Otto), 1875-
Volume: 9

The North American sylva; or, A description of the forest trees of the United States, Canada, and
Nova Scotia ... (1865)
396 pp., 14 Mb

Author: Michaux, François André, 1770-1855; Smith, J. Jay (John Jay), 1798-1881; Hillhouse,
Augustus L. (Augustus Lucas), 1791-1859 Volume: 2

The secret of the big trees. Yosemite, Sequoia, and General Grant National Parks. Department of
the Interior, 1913 (1913)
28 pp., 1.73 Mb

Author: Huntington, Ellsworth, 1876-1947; United States. Dept. of the Interior

The Yosemite guide-book: a description of the Yosemite Valley and the adjacent region of the
Sierra Nevada, and of the big trees of California (1870)
200 pp., 7.88 Mb

Author: Geological Survey of California

You can also read John Evelyn's book Sylva, which was published in the
late 1600s, at this website: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20778

Its not as much fun as the copy of the original book I checked out from
the rare book collection in our library, but its still fun to read as an
e-book.  It is evident from reading this book that we have not learned
much about forest management in the last several centuries. Evelyn's
work actually is a continuation of earlier work done in Spain. Last year
I was on the committee of a Ph.D. student in the history department who
studied the development of forest management policies in Spain, and that
work goes back as far as the 1300s, when some of the first policies for
forest management were established.  If I remember right, in the 1500s ,
everyone was required to plant 3 trees per year, protect them from
grazing and drought, and help handicapped people in their local village
to get their trees planted.  - Lee frelich

More Online Nature/Forest/Forestry Publication by Don Bragg


I may have mentioned these in the past, but we've got a lot of new members, and since the topic on free online materials has come up again, here's a reminder of some other links to forestry publications:

Treesearch (http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/) --a searchable online archive of US Forest Service research publications.  Virtually all new research pubs from all the Forest Service research stations, the Forest Products Lab, etc. can be found here, including those published in scientific, technical, and professional journals, as well as those issued by the Forest Service as well.  To date, there are over 30,000 publications available, and I think most (all?) are in PDF format and ALL ARE FREE.  Some of the PDFs were scanned in poorly, or had poor optical character recognition (OCR) done, so be aware that some aren't as clean as you'd like.  Some of the older USFS pubs are also here, although many are not (at least not yet).

Global Forest Information Service (http://www.gfis.net/gfis/home.faces) --sponsored by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, this website provides links to publications (including those on Treesearch), many of which are international in origin, as well as some other links for forest-related datasets, jobs, and meetings.  I linked to this source through the USDA's National Agriculture Library (http://www.nal.usda.gov/), which also serves as an information clearinghouse and has a number of forest and forestry-related publications available for download.

Making of America (http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/moagrp/) --this searchable online archive focuses on materials from the 19th Century on the development of the US and has over 10,000 books and 50,000 journal articles.  Obviously, not all of these are on forests or forestry related (forestry as a profession didn't evolve until the end of the 19th Century), but there are books on trees, plants, and nature, explorer accounts, government geological surveys, etc.  You could literally spend DAYS digging in this archive.  The journals are typical commercial ones from the 19th Century, but also include ones with a natural bent (the magazine "Garden and Forest" is an important early source of forest-related information from this time period, including big trees).  History buffs will definitely love Making of America, even if the web format is a little more cumbersome...

Another good resource for history buffs that want to see early historic accounts of North America is the American Journeys website (http://www.americanjourneys.org/index.asp), which is searchable and contains accounts from Eric the Red (1000 A.D.) to George Caitlin's Indian portfolio (1844).  Includes chronicles of Lewis & Clark and many other less famous government explorers, as well as accounts of French, Spanish, and other European explorers.

Silvics of North America
Silvics of North America http://www.na.fs.fed.us/Spfo/pubs/silvics_manual/table_of_contents.htm United States Department of  Agriculture, Forest Service, Agriculture Handbook 654.  Russell M. Burns and Barbara H. Honkala, Technical Coordinators
Woodland Owners Guide to Internet Resources: States of the Northeast
Woodland Owners Guide to Internet Resources: States of the Northeast
the lin was located at:  http://na.fs.fed.us/pubs/misc/flg/

It's 200 pages of links, presumably there others for other regions