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Evermore:  An Anthology

James Robert Smith..
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Pamela Briggs'

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Identifying Mature and Old Forests in Western Washington
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Paths of Destruction
West Michigan's Tornadoes of April 3, 1956

by Ernie Ostuno,
published by the Grand Rapids Historical Society
Price: $29.95

  Big Trees of  PA, 
2006 edition 
by Scott Wade



Fantasies for

Art and Photography

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In the Moment
by Tim Sullivan


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Forest Giants - Original Artwork by Robert Van Pelt



The Path of Destruction:  The Grand Rapids (Michigan) Historical Society has recently published a book I wrote about a tornado outbreak that struck western Lower Michigan on April 3, 1956. What does this have to do with ENTS you ask? Well our own forest disturbance expert Lee Frelich is acknowledged in the book for his helping me identify several trees that are still living and show the scars from the F5 tornado that struck near Hudsonville, Michigan on that day. The background discussion on this can be read here:  http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldtrips/michigan/1956tornado/forest_disturbance.htm
The book is being advertised off the GRHS website.  - Ernie Ostuno