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Outstanding Mosses and Liverworts of PA and nearby States 
by.S. Munch

Trees of Virginia


Audubon Field

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Southeastern US

 Georgia Native Plant Photo Guide.

$7 - University of Georgia Office of Communications

Flora of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, northern Florida, and surrounding areas 

by Alan S. Weakley, University of North Carolina Herbarium 
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South Central US
Northeastern US and Canada

Big Trees of PA, 2006 edition;

by Scott Wade

The Cook Forest

Anthony E. Cook

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Checklist and Atlas of the  Vascular Flora of West Virginia 

Midwest and North Central US

The Vegetation of Wisconsin
John T. Curtis
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Orchids of the Western Great Lakes R...
Frederick W. Case  Best Price $16.65
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National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees of North America, coauthored by ENTS' own Bruce Kershner (primary billing on the cover) and Mathews, Nelson, and Spellenberg (also Purinton, Block, Moore, and Thieret.)  I think that I remember Bruce talking about it or the concept of it at some time in the past.  It's a good guide with photographs of trees, branches, leaves, seeds, and bark with accompanying range maps and descriptive text.  One down side, it lists typical heights and diameters but in most cases, doesn't include maximum known heights or diameters.  It is a soft cover with a ruggedized cover material that is marked "Waterproof Cover" - I don't think that sweaty hands on a hot summer day will damage this one.  The paper and images are high quality, too.  It's a nice book that I'm adding to my collection. - Paul Jost

Georgia Native Plant Photo Guide

Georgia Native Plant Photo Guide Published by April Sorrow, News Editor, University of Georgia Published Jun 11, 2008.  ATHENS, GA - It is impossible to describe the beauty of a Nodding Trillium to someone who has never seen one. A new field guide from the University of Georgia provides a pictorial hike through the Georgia Mountains and includes detailed descriptions of native plants like Foam Flower, Showy Orchids, Pink Lady's Slipper and Nodding Trillium.  See the link above for the full article text.

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